Pensions are Dead!! Are you on Track for saving for your Retirement?

May 30, 2016 Chris O'neal Retirement Tags: , ,

The new generation have no clue about pensions. If you have not thought about retirement, YOU BETTER! Do you really think you can live off your 401k or your Savings account? Are you going to rely on the government to send you a social security check? If you are relying on these avenues, then you may find out you are going to be short on $$. The Good Ole days are over as far as getting a pension check from a company that you are vested in. Don’t wait until late in life to start saving and investing for retirement.

A lot of people say that it is to much of a risk to invest in anything. Well you better wake up because it is a risk not to invest. Most people are only a few checks away from being bankrupt.


A self-directed Ira is a great way to buy real estate in a retirement plan. This has allowed me to save for retirement and save money for my kids. The renters are paying for my retirement and its growing my $ without thinking.

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