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Who is Kennedy O'Neal?

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Kennedy “Done Deal” O’Neal is 9 years old and she learned from her dad how to begin saving money when she was a toddler. She started with a Piggy Bank. Her dad is a realtor and an investor. She tags along with him when he shows houses to clients. Kennedy sees herself as being his partner. Therefore, she expects to receive a few dollars from her dad when he makes a sale. He takes her with him to the bank when he makes deposits from the rental properties. He gives her a few dollars that she has earned for being patient and respectful as he shows houses. When she gets home, it goes in her Piggy Bank along with money she receives for her birthday, holidays, the Tooth Fairy, and her allowance for chores. Kennedy finds ways to earn money by helping her baby brother. Once the Piggy Bank is filled, her dad takes her to the bank to make a deposit in her own account. After going to the bank she looks forward to a sweet treat afterwards. Kennedy religiously counts her stash at least once a week to check her progress.

Kennedy enjoys gymnastics. She loves flipping and is a member of Ruby Gymnastics Team at the Paragon Gym in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her goal is to earn a medal in the 2028 Olympics. She is a fun loving energetic kid and really loves her family especially her brother, Baby Chris. Her favorite movie is “Lil Rascals” due to the kids had the hustle mentality to rebuild their clubhouse without any money.

What will kids learn by reading this book?

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Kennedy wants to share with other kids and their parents how to save and earn money. Just because you are a kid it doesn’t mean that you cannot earn money. With a hustlers attitude kids can save their money to purchase rental properties and turn it into monthly income. Saving for kids can begin as early before they are born thru money obtained at their baby showers. Money obtained at special occasion should not be blown on toys but it can be stashed away. Start saving with a Piggy Bank or a Savings Jar.

This easy-to-follow book allows young readers to gain interest in saving and investing. Kids will gain the power to remove their hands from their parents’ wallets and start earning money. Parents will be thrilled to learn that saving can turn into investing in their child’s future. All ages can learn, but most importantly, kids can save and invest, too!

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