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Done Deal. What “They” Never Told You About Money

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Chris O’Neal provides insightful and innovative ways for you to become financial savvy. His ideas and thoughts break through common practices that we are accustomed to: such as working a nine to five job until the ripe old age of retirement. It does not matter what stage you are in life, all walks of life can benefit from reading this book. With Chris O’Neal, you too can close the deal!

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Hello! My name is Chris O’Neal and I was born and raised in a small area called Champlain, roughly 13 miles from Tappahannock Virginia. I had an investor mentality at a very young age. My first job was at my uncle & aunt’s gas station, M&L, stocking sodas in the freezer at night. I spent a lot of time watching my uncle business moves. He owned convenience stores, real estate, a trucking company, and many other businesses. My uncle passed away and my aunt sold me my first piece of commercial property. Thanks, Aunt Margaret.

I worked to pursue an associates degree, and then my bachelors degree, while working a full time job at a natural gas company to support my family. After 8 years of service, I was laid off due to outsourcing. As chance would have it, my next job was with an outsourcing company. I later left to accept another position at the gas company I previously worked, knowing that my position could be outsourced once again.

I began to look at the housing market and saw the potential in which to build a real estate dynasty. At the age of 20, I bought my first real estate property. From that first moment, I was hooked! Today, I own various rental properties. I have successfully flipped properties and teach others how to wisely invest in real estate.

Through perserverance and God's grace, I have achieved accolades such as being part of the Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club and achieving the Top Producing Realtor title at Move4Free Realty in 2015. I accomplished another personal goal and wrote Done Deal. What “They” Never Told You About Money. This book is a teaching tool that aides novice-to-savvy individuals on how they can obtain financial wealth through non-conventional methods that are ingrained in us through various medians.

I love helping clients buy & sell real estate and I love investing! I love helping people and I’m GREAT at what I do! I love referrals, so if you know anyone who is buying or selling their home let them know I can help. I also purchase houses in any condition so please refer anyone you know. Chris O’Neal Will Close The Deal!